On this page, I exhibit
a part of MANGA I made.
I’m sorry, but most of the MANGA
are written only in Japanese.
Even if you cannot understand Japanese,
please enjoy just viewing pictures!
(I’ve started to try to
translate some of them.)

Space Android Suimi-chan
Suimi-chan, princess of planet ‘MARIN’,
started new life in the Earth.
This is a comedy MANGA,
and sometimes heartwarming.

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第1話 何しに来たんだっけ?
<1-1> <1-2> <1-3>

第3話 衛星ペットのエイちゃん
<3-1> <3-2> <3-3>

第4話 たこ焼きにしてやる!
<4-1> <4-2> <4-3>

第6話 肩身が狭い…
<6-1> <6-2> <6-3>

第7話 ほれぼれするほど
<7-1> <7-2> <7-3>

(Have tried translating!)
第9話 パズルスケート大会(前)
(Episode 9: Puzzle Skate Tournament (1) )
<9-1> <9-2> <9-3>
(The game of Puzzle Skaters is here.)

(Trying to translate…)
第10話 パズルスケート大会(後)
<10-1> <10-2> <10-3>
(The game of Puzzle Skaters is here.)

Rush Repairing

Ryan is a skillful robot repairman.
Many broken robots are
carried to him everyday…
This is a short and silent MANGA.

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5>(END)

The game of Rush Repairing is here.

Sara’s Drawings

The two teenagers are distressed…
This is a short MANGA.

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> <7>